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Her vast knowledge of current trends is unparalleled. She has not only assisted with social media support for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+, but she has also helped The Arc of San Diego implement social media tracking with Google Analytics. Her foresight coupled with her professionalism has greatly helped The Arc of San Diego. Thank you, Devon!
— Lauren Zamora, Marketing and Communications Manager
If I had to describe Devon in three words, they would be dedicated, hard working, and optimistic. If you were to ask Devon what three words best describe her, they would be loyal, curious and driven. Devon’s perfect blend of cheerfulness, unwavering dedication, and loyalty to her family, friends and co-workers is very contagious.
— Carrie Barrett, CEO & Founder
In a game of “social media dodgeball,” Devon would be my first pick. Devon is the person you could go to at any time to ensure what you need to get done is done right, on time, the first time.

She knows her stuff and is always pushing to learn more. If I were starting my own agency, Devon would be one of my first hires. She is trustworthy, gets it done, calm under immense pressure, and does it all with a smile.
— Justin Goodman, Digital Analytics Lead
Devon is intelligent, driven, optimistic, a true team player and above all, born to work in digital marketing. Her personality fits the job to a T – sociable, well-written, and motivated to produce the results that she knows her clients desire to see. I watched Devon work above and beyond on what was expected of her – working late into nights in order to reach the full potential that she saw on any given campaign, whether it be her expert blogger outreach strategies, or her creative writing style, it was admirable to say the least. Her work ethic, positive attitude, and discipline is something that I admired each day – she can be focused when she needs to be and personable when required.

Above all, her extraordinary work ethic, kindness and thoughtfulness is what I believe sets her apart from any potential candidate. I would absolutely recommend her...Put Devon up to any challenge and I can promise with 100% certainty that she will positively surpass all expectations.
— Sara Rogers, Territory Manager
Devon is the type of person any employer would want representing their service, message, or product to the public. She combines intelligence, talent, responsibility, and professionalism in a world sorely lacking in those departments….I would recommend Devon to any business, non-profit, or group seeking representation.
— Joe Little, - Joe Little, TV News Reporter at 10News San Diego
Her efforts led to the successful launch of our new user-friendly website and development of our Facebook & Twitter accounts. Devon has an incredible grasp of social media and future trends. She has a strong work ethic, is detail oriented, and always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done.
— Jennifer Bates Navarra, VP of Marketing and Development